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Ridiculous comedy and zany knock knock jokes that will add some fun to your day.     We are happy to offer an archive of funny cartoons with hilarious characters and storylines.     Kids humor with fun, clean material suitable for all ages.     The best cat jokes!

Our website includes satire and poking fun at celebrities, politicians, governments, professions, institutions, and other people or things. All of the material on this website is meant to be good-natured and fun. Do you want to see what your loopy politicians have been up to? We have lots of political humor regarding the election and Donald Trump. We have plenty of pop culture humor regarding today's most popular celebrities including Madonna and the Kardashians. There is so much good material to work with, it would be a crime not to satire the airheads on television and in the media.



Laugh-Lines is a free, clean humor website with a large archive of humorous content. It was born out of a need for a decent alternative to the less than family friendly humor websites that have proliferated.

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